The 10 Most Common Reasons Couples File for Divorce

There are a multitude of reasons why couples file for divorce. It is often the case that one spouse expects the other spouse to come around, let go of steam from the argument that recently transpired, and become their normal self as time passes. But what happens when the other spouse does not come around? It could be the case that instead, one day, you come home to missing clothes from the closets and a notice for divorce. It is not uncommon that couples argue, makeup, and repeat this cycle. Do not neglect the signs leading to divorce. Here are the ten most common reasons couples file for divorce.

1. Infidelity

Extra-marital affairs are responsible for the breakdown of most marriages that result in divorce. The reasons for cheating are not as straightforward as many of us think. Infidelity can start as an emotional affair that soon leads to a physical affair.

2. Money

Another reason for divorce is the lack of compatibility in terms of finances. Financial factors that could lead to divorce include different spending habits, financial goals, earning potential. These factors can cause a power struggle that can strain a marriage to its ultimate demise.

3. Lack of Communication

While good communication is the foundation of a strong marriage, a lack of communication impacts all aspects of a marriage. Yelling at the other spouse, not speaking to each other throughout the day, and aggressive comments can be unhealthy practices that can lead to divorce.

4. Constant Arguing

Constant arguing goes hand in hand with a lack of communication. Couples who repeatedly have arguments often do so because they feel as though they are not being heard or appreciated.

5. Weight Gain

In some cases, a significant weight gain can cause the other spouse to feel less attracted to other. Weight gain can also deeply affect self-esteem, which can diverge into issues with intimacy.

6. Unrealistic Expectations

Unrealistic expectations can put a lot of strain on the other spouse, leaving one feeling let down and setting the other up for failure.

7. Lack of Intimacy

Lack of intimacy can be either a lack of physical or emotional intimacy. Lack of intimacy does not necessarily have to be about sex. However, ignoring your spouse’s sexual needs may be grounds for divorce.

8. Lack of Equality

A lack of equality occurs when one spouse feels as though they take on more responsibility in the marriage. This can alter their view of the other spouse and create resentment.

9. Not Being Prepared for Marriage

Many couples get divorced simply because they were not prepared for marriage. This is especially true for young couples who get married in their early 20s, who may feel as though they got married at the wrong time.

10. Abuse

Abuse can be either physical or emotional. Regardless of the type of abuse, no one should tolerate abuse. A spouse suffering from abuse should take the steps needed to safely remove themselves from the relationship.

Marriage is not easy. Even couples with long, happy marriages have faced challenges. For some, these challenges have had to be dealt with in the courtroom. To alleviate these problems, it is important to address issues in the relationship early on. Practice kindness, communication, or seek marriage counseling to help preserve the health and longevity the relationship. However, if the other spouse is failing to better the relationship, sometimes divorce may be the inevitable option.