Divorce proceedings can be difficult to manage, especially when it involves the complex division of high-net-worth investments. Due to the amount of property and assets accumulated during the marriage, high-net-worth divorce can be very stressful for the parties involved when determining how to proceed in dissolving the union. It takes a skilled divorce lawyer to navigate the high level of complexity and to maintain adequate privacy for the individuals involved. The handling of high-asset divorce cases often entail a review of the prenuptial agreement, postnuptial agreement and other documentation regarding agreements made during the marriage.

Most high-net-worth divorce cases include more property and assets that will need reviewing, as well as specialized documentation outlining the types of accounts, property and assets an individual may have prior to, during and after the marital union. These types of investments include stock portfolios, domestic and offshore bank accounts, real estate investment properties, business ownership, pensions, 401k funds and IRA portfolios.

Since many high-asset divorce cases involve celebrities, entertainers and public figures, Ideal Legal Group’s divorce attorneys maintain an important level of privacy for each client. As examples of our work in high-net-worth cases, we have:

Retained interest in a client’s family-owned business located in the U.S. with assets in Taiwan during his marriage dissolution proceedings. Represented a partner of an amusement park in China — with numerous properties in the U.S., China and Taiwan — who had a postnuptial agreement formed in China. The spouse has properties and businesses in China, but moved to Irvine, CA, with the couple’s only child. The spouse is currently filing suit in Orange County Court for child and spousal support because she and the child reside in the U.S. Assisted in seeking international child custody, child and spousal support for the second wife of a wealthy hotel group owner who also owns a real estate investment company in China, as well as various properties in California. The high-net-worth divorce attorneys of Ideal Legal Group have extensive experience working with clients who have extensive assets and property. Our skilled international family law attorneys are able to determine the legal rights of our clients and the complexities of the dissolution of unions that may extend to assets and properties acquired in other states or even different countries. We specialize in globalized divorce and understand the intricacies of the myriad of issues that result from determining how to proceed with a high-asset divorce. Contact our attorneys for a consultation at (626) 569-1882 or info@ideallegalgroup.com.

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