The dissolution of marriage — regardless of financial, social or cultural background — affects children the most.  Some of the most important strides in decision making during a divorce proceeding is the preparation and drafting of a custody agreement for the minor children involved. Ideal Legal Group’s international family law attorneys are more than just lawyers; they act as counselors to families by advising them throughout this difficult process.

International child custody laws can differ for each family situation and from state to state.  It’s important to know the different types of custody rights available, including:

  • Joint Legal Custody — Each parent shares the responsibility of deciding on important decisions like education, religion, health, living and travel arrangements.
  • Joint Physical Custody — A determination of who the child will live with or who will be the primary custodial parent.
  • Supervised Visitation — A neutral third party present during a parent’s visitation hours.
  • Sole Legal Custody — One parent has sole responsibility for deciding how to raise the child without the need to consult the other parent.
  • Sole Physical Custody — The child will live with one parent for the majority of the time.
  • Grandparent Visitation Rights — If you are a grandparent, you may want to know your rights.

Custody attorneys advocate for placing the needs of children and families first. Our international family law attorneys understand the complexities of each child’s experience during a divorce proceeding and can offer legal advice, protective counsel and guidance for family members. Our child custody lawyers have experience handling such matters.
For example:

  • Sought sole custody for a Canadian woman who was fighting to keep her newborn child after deciding to permanently reside in New York while her ex-husband remained in Canada.
  • Sought child support, child custody and spousal support for the second wife of a wealthy hotel group owner who also owns a real estate investment company in China.

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