The family law practice at Ideal Legal Group encompasses a range of issues families face, including:

• Divorce and martial separation
International Child custody
• Guardianship
• Division of property
• Restraining orders
• Adoption

Our Specialized Practice – International Divorce
As the world becomes more globalized, marriages between citizens of different nations have become more common. As a result, there is a rising rate of divorces which require the skill set of international divorce attorneys such as those at Ideal Legal Group Inc. Clashing cultures and foreign country’s legal systems create a myriad of issues for families seeking an international divorce.

Our attorneys are well prepared to navigate the diverse laws governing marriage in other countries. To mirror the diversity of our clientele, we offer services in Mandarin, Taiwanese, Cantonese and Spanish. Despite the uncertainties and inconsistencies associated with international divorce law, we are able to overcome these legal obstacles with our keen understanding of other cultures, customs and values.

Partnering with Professionals
Our attorneys regularly strategize with financial advisors and corporate counsel in order to negotiate and obtain the most favorable outcome for our clients. We have advised a variety of clients in the real estate, manufacturing and investment industries through divorce and martial proceedings, working to maintain the integrity of privately owned companies, while providing parties with the fair and just compensation they deserve.

Realistic Payment Plans
At Ideal Legal Group, Inc. we are more than just lawyers – we act as counselors to our clients in advising them during a difficult process in their lives. We understand that most of our clients have children and with the recent economic downturn, their means can be quite limited. That is why we offer individually structured payment plans to alleviate some of the pressures that accompany family law issues or divorce proceedings. We stand strong in our commitment to providing compassionate legal services at affordable rates.

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