When a couple is looking to proceed with the dissolution of a marriage, they should be aware of the different divorce options that they may want to pursue. One alternative option to a typical divorce proceeding is a collaborative divorce. The collaborative divorce combines mediation and litigation alternatives to allow the parties an opportunity to have a more peaceful, cost-effective and non-contested dissolution of marriage.

There are many benefits to pursuing a collaborative divorce: increased financial savings, the ability to effectively co-parent in a cooperative way and more control for both parties. The collaborative process involves meetings between the parties to reach appropriate agreements that are in the best interest of all parties involved. During this process, the collaborative parties have more control and are heavily involved in decision making throughout the process.

Some important key benefits of a collaborative divorce:

  • No court involvement — All parties involved agree that no one will pursue litigation. Instead, all parties work together to formulate an agreement that is in the best interest of each party.
  • Use of experts — Each party hires his/her own team — attorneys and, possibly psychologists — who will be representatives throughout the process. Oftentimes, a jointly retained financial accountant is used to assist in the division of all financial assets and property. Both parties share these expenses.
  • Disclosure — There must be complete disclosure provided by both sides outlining all assets, property, debts and other important factors. Nothing is kept hidden from the other party in this process.

The international family law attorneys of Ideal Legal Group believe in families working together to determine what is best for all parties involved. The benefits of collaborative divorce are numerous. It is cost-effective, low-stress and encourages a cooperative parenting environment. To find out more about the collaborative divorce process, contact the international divorce lawyers of Ideal Legal Group for a free consultation at (626) 569-1882 or

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