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Family Heirlooms and Divorce

Family heirlooms, which include antiques, photos, jewelry, or other collectibles, can be at the center of attention during divorce. The following tips can be used in order to facilitate the legal rights surrounding valuable items. 1. Personal Property v. Marital Assets Anything acquired before marriage is considered personal property, while anything acquired after marriage is…

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Explaining Shared Custody to your Children

Shared custody between parents occurs when a judge allows guardianship and care for a child to both divorcing parents. Shared custody can be distinguished either by shared legal custody -such as religion or academics- and shared physical custody -which is how the child divides his time between both parents’ homes. Once the shared custody has…

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Adding Virtual Currency to Divorces

Divorces are infamous for being complex when it comes to defining which asset should be divided to which partner. Virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin or Litecoin, pose an increase in complexity when calculating their worth and deciding how to divide them between each party. In addition, the lack of paper trails when using the currency…

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