Evie Jeang, was recently featured in the Daily Journal.
In the article which featured Jeang, she spoke on President Donald Trump’s recent defunding of Planned Parenthood, the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and the implications these acts will have on the future of fertility access to all.
Jeang, who specializes in surrogacy law, understands that for many, pregnancy may be difficult and or impossible due to preexisting conditions. Due to the highly expensive cost associated with fertility procedures and surrogacy, the changes in funding and coverage will greatly impact many. Despite these changes, Jeang continues to champion the causes of her clients, assisting them in all aspects of their surrogacy and fertility needs. As the only attorney in Southern California with personal experience with surrogacy, Jeang understands and empathizes with her clients. Jeang can be reached at (626) 569-1882

Managing Partner Evie Jeang was featured in Angelino Modern Luxury’s 2017 Social and Charity Datebook

In it, she talks about giving back to the community and her non-profit organization, Raised By A Village.
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Congratulations to Managing Partner Evie Jeang on being published in LA Lawyer Magazine.

In the article,Ms. Evie Jeang expands on the legal issues that affect surrogacy for same-sex couples. The U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Obergefell v. Hodges last year legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states. This exciting outcome will naturally lead to an influx of same-sex couples looking to further their families utilizing surrogacy. Surrogacy policies and laws vary from state to state so it is important for families to understand the legal issues that may affect their options in surrogacy. Read below to find out more.

Evie Jeang is featured in Alhambra Source’s article on the higher minimum wage in California.

Managing Partner Evie Jeang is featured in Alhambra Source’s article on the higher minimum wage in California. Evie comments on the small business owners in San Gabriel Valley and how the new wage hike may impact them. Read below to find out more.
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Evie P. Jeang has been published by legal news service Law 360 on her insight on the recent Supreme Court decision regarding President Obama’s Immigration Action Case

Managing Partner Evie Jeang gives her insight on the recent Supreme Court decision regarding President Obama’s Immigration Action Case, especially her thought on the take care clause. The significance of the Supreme Court’s request that both parties address the Take Care Clause is that there will likely be a notable ruling on the President’s duties to enforce laws.
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Evie Jeang has been published in the ABA Journal where she discusses the complex issues surrounding U.S. companies and Chinese firms that do business in the U.S.

Managing partner Evie Jeang has been published once again in the ABA Journal where she discusses the complex issues surrounding U.S. companies and Chinese firms that do business in the U.S. As more Chinese companies do business here, these issues become increasingly relevant. Ms. Jeang’s experience in representing Chinese companies in the U.S. leads her to believe that due to the fact that China won’t allow other countries to control them, it subsequently becomes more difficult for U.S. companies to enforce and collect court judgments against Chinese firms in the U.S. It remains to be seen how the U.S. will ensure compliance to resolve these outstanding issues.
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Managing partner Evie Jeang speaks to Law360 about how the recent Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage affects immigration law.

This landmark decision raises many questions for Americans who are looking to marry a same-sex partner abroad. Ms. Jeang discusses several of the options that are available to same-sex engaged couples seeking green cards. Naturally, this will prove to be a busy time for immigration attorneys, who must be prepared to answer questions regarding the many options available to same-sex couples.
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Managing partner Evie Jeang is featured on Law360 where she discusses the new sexual harassment and abusive conduct law.

Governor Jerry Brown recently passed the law in response to the increasing need for anti-bullying laws. Ms. Jeang recommends that employers ensure that all managers and employees clearly understand their company’s zero tolerance of abusive conduct to protect themselves from costly lawsuits. Ms. Jeang also recommends that employers provide comprehensive training that draws the distinction between prohibited harassment and abusive conduct.
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Managing partner Evie Jeang was interviewed by InsideCounsel about the recent Supreme Court decision which legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states

Managing partner Evie Jeang was interviewed by InsideCounsel about the recent Supreme Court decision which legalized same-sex marriage in all states. Ms. Jeang explains the far-reaching effects this decision has on family lawyers. Ms. Jeang also shares her thoughts on hot topics in family law such as surrogacy, as well as the recent Supreme Court decision in Kerry v. Din, where the court ruled that immigration officials are not required to provide specific reasons for denying immigration petitions. Ms. Jeang explains that family lawyers must always be prepared for shifts and changes in the law, as these decisions directly affect their roles and duties as lawyers.
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Evie Jeang Featured in Daily Journal Discussing the Uptick in International Clients Seeking U.S. Surrogacy

For many reasons, California has become the go-to place for international clients seeking to become parents through surrogacy. In the article, “Attorneys see surge in surrogacy practices” published by Daily Journal, Managing Partner Evie Jeang comments on this increasing trend she has seen from her clients abroad, specifically wealthy Chinese couples. The state has become very popular due to California’s surrogacy statute, which allows intended parents to become legal guardians of the child prior to birth, regardless of marital status and sexual orientation. With benefits of being born in the U.S., such as freely traveling to their parents’ home country and receiving tuition benefits, Ms. Jeang notes that international clients who wish to start families are growing more interested in U.S. surrogacy.
However, in order for the process to be legal and these benefits to begin, there is an enormous number of contracts required from all parties, including a pre-birth order. “If you don’t get the pre-birth order before that child is born, you are not the legal parent,” says Ms. Jeang. “If the surrogate’s name is on the birth certificate, the client has to go through a lengthy adoption process.”
As Ms. Jeang continues to receive a number of surrogacy inquiries from her international clients, she says, “I think it’s a great medical advancement that people should be aware of. I think it’s really important for women and couples to know that they have that option.”

Founding Partner Evie Jeang was featured in a Member Spotlight for the Organization “Lipstick Sister”

Founding Partner Evie Jeang was featured in a Member Spotlight for the Organization “Lipstick Sister”, which brings together Women Entrepreneurs in order to establish networking connections. In the profile she mentions her affinity for mentoring young female small business owners, and lauds the Lipstick Sister membership for bringing together successful women from all different fields and forging friendships and connections.
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The Gavel & Quill Queries Evie Jeang About Small Chinese Businesses and Their Role in Expanding Foreign Investment in the U.S.

Founding Partner Evie Jeang was published in the October journal of The Gavel & Quill, which is sponsored by the San Gabriel Lawyer Referral Service, the Pasadena Bar Association, The San Gabriel Valley Bar Association, and the Eastern Bar Association of Los Angeles County. The article, “Three Things Chinese Small Businesses Should Bear In Mind When Investing In the U.S.”, discusses the role of small private sector Chinese businesses in expanding foreign investment in places such as the U.S. and how to succeed without having homeland advantages.
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Evie Jeang Discusses the New Sick Leave Law for Small Businesses in Daily Journal

In the article, “Employment Lawyers Warn Clients About New Sick Leave Law” published by Daily Journal, Managing Partner Evie Jeang discusses the affects of the newly signed AB 1522 for small businesses. Going into effect in 2015, this new law requires employers of all sizes to provide three days per year of sick time to workers.
Ms. Jeang, who regularly represents small businesses and immigrant workers, says she has already started informing her clients of the new legislation. “They actually don’t know it applies to them,” says Ms. Jeang. “They are the ones most likely to slip through the cracks when it comes to sick time.”
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California Lawyer Speaks with Evie Jeang on Going Mobile

In the September 2014 Online Issue of California Lawyer, Managing Partner Evie Jeang discusses the increasing issue of clients attempting to contact her via text and social media, avenues which do not protect their own confidential information. In order to protect her clients, she utilizes the Privatus app, which uses military grade encryption to secure communications.
“If opposing counsel subpoenas your phone or text messages, they can’t read them. Even the Privatus Web server can’t read them,” Jeang stated. She feels this goes a long way in gaining the client’s trust, knowing that extra security is there to protect their sensitive information. In addition, she states “When you tell your client you have an app…it makes them feel special and think that your firm is really modern.”
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Los Angeles Business Journal Talks to Evie Jeang About the Mobile App Offering Law Firms Security

In the Los Angeles Business Journal article, “Messaging Apps Seek to Speak to Different Markets”, Evie Jeang, Managing Partner of Ideal Legal Group, Inc., expresses her support for the innovative mobile application Privatus which allows lawyers to communicate privately with clients. Ideal Legal Group was recruited to test out Privatus and is the only law firm using the app. The mobile software encrypts data on individual devices and can only be decrypted by using a private key, which can be very important to law firms where client communication can be subpoenaed.
Makers of messaging apps are struggling to monetize on these popular services that consumers expect to use for free. This has driven developers to abandon the consumer market entirely and focus on serving businesses who are looking for ways to communicate privately and securely. Privatus is evidence of this growing divide.
“I’m going to make sure more law firms follow the trend,” said Ms. Jeang. “I’m positive my firm won’t be the only one.”
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Evie Jeang Discusses the Importance of Privacy for Law Firms with Inside Counsel

Managing Partner Evie Jeang was featured in the article, “Privacy is important to family law, employment law practice in California” published by Inside Counsel, discussing the importance of privacy in client-attorney communication. Ms. Jeang advises her clients not to communicate via social media or other systems because detection of sensitive material by the opposing counsel could be detrimental to a case.
She also points out that many attorneys who obtain referrals from other lawyers communicate via email or social media messaging, and when they use office computers to send those messages, that content could become the property of the company.
Ms. Jeang is among the first attorneys using Privatus, a messaging app targeted to the legal profession. It keeps content privileged, confidential and not subject to legal discovery. By using encrypted and password protected content, Ms. Jeang describes it as taking an “extra measure” to protect her client’s privacy.
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California Lawyer Speaks with Evie Jeang on the Growing Interest in Surrogacy from Foreign Couples

In the article, “Having a Citizen Baby” published by California Lawyer, Managing Partner Evie Jeang discusses the growing interest in surrogacy from wealthy Chinese couples. Babies born in the U.S., regardless of who the parents may be, are automatically U.S. Citizens under the Fourteenth Amendment. Although most states ban or limit the practice, California remains a hot spot for surrogacy due to the rise of a very wealthy class in China, as well as California’s 1993 state Supreme Court ruling recognizing the rights of “intended” parents as superseding those of surrogates.
Ms. Jeang discussed how she developed a specialized practice helping wealthy couples from China contract with American surrogates as means of having a baby with U.S. citizenship. “The intent is to take the baby back to China to raise, and possibly to come back later for a U.S. college education,” says Ms. Jeang. Typically, these couples travel to the U.S. on a tourist visa to pick up their baby and then return home once the infant has secured a U.S. passport.
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Daily Journal Profiles Ideal Legal Group on Its Service to Local “Mom and Pop” Shops

Ideal Legal Group, Inc. was featured in the Daily Journal article, “Client Connection” discussing how the firm’s new Alhambra office is an ideal location to reach small business “mom and pop” shops, yet is also able to focus efforts as a global practice. Founder Evie Jeang transformed her new office space from a former auto repair garage to a modern law office with a stylish metal exterior and outdoor patio. With the new Alhambra office, Ms. Jeang has easy access to her small business clientele, saying “I’m just down the street, I’m down the block, so if they have anything, they can just walk or drive over.”
Now with five attorneys and satellite offices in New York and San Francisco, Ideal Legal Group has carved a niche through working with immigrant clients as an international family law firm. This global practice requires Ideal Legal Group attorneys to speak another language to effectively communicate with the firm’s non-English speaking clients, and represent minorities who may not fully understand their rights due to language barriers.
Ideal Legal Group also specializes in handling complex matters involving transnational relationships, such as custody agreements in multiple countries, as well as pre-nuptial agreements protecting properties across borders. As Ideal Legal Group continues to grow, Ms. Jeang hopes to open an office in Palm Springs and tap into the growing same-sex couple retirement community.
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Evie Jeang Authors Article on National Trends in Immigration Law Published by Aspatore Special Report

In the article, “DACA and DOMA: How Both Enacting and Repealing Acts Can Profoundly Affect Immigration Law” published in the Aspatore Special Report National Trends in Immigration Law: An In-Depth Look at Recent Legislation and Changing Procedures, Managing Partner Evie Jeang discusses current changes in immigration legislation and their potential impact on employment, deportation status and the federal procedures.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program provides deferred deportation of undocumented young persons for a period of two years if they have received an education in the United States or have been honorably discharged from the armed forces. This program was enacted due to the failure of the DREAM Act, which would have granted permanent residence to immigrants who received an education or joined the military in the U.S.
On the prospect of immigration reform happening in 2014, Ms. Jeang remarks, “My impression is that eventually immigration reform will have to occur.”

Concerning the Supreme Court’s repeal of DOMA Section III, Ms. Jeang also acknowledges that the ruling has opened the door for non-U.S. citizen spouses in same-sex marriages to apply for citizenship. Ms. Jeang advises couples to file their applications quickly in the wake of the ruling.

Evie Jeang Featured on Vaunte.com to Raise Money for Humanitarian Charity

Managing Partner Evie Jeang was featured on the editorial fashion website, Vaunte.com’s “Charity Closet”. She is currently listing her most elegant designer fashions and donating the proceeds to Reach Out WorldWide (ROWW), a non-profit founded by the late actor Paul Walker that deploys expert first-responders to assist in areas affected by natural disasters.

“What I love about her the most is that she always looks amazing without even trying – she is the most stylish lawyer I know,” says Samia Arslane, Editor-in-Chief of GENLUX Magazine and a close friend of Ms. Jeang.
As an active member of the Los Angeles County community, Ms. Jeang has a passion for philanthropy and is committed to helping those in need.

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Evie Jeang Featured in Law360 Discussing Being a Woman PowerBroker

Managing Partner Evie Jeang was featured in an interview published by Law360 discussing the challenges of being a female lawyer and how she defies the prevailing gender stereotype in the legal profession. “As a young minority woman running her own law firm, I have proven that the stereotypical mold for the practice of law is no longer”, says Ms. Jeang.

She also provides advice to other women lawyers to focus on doing their best and learning to be satisfied with whatever follows. Ms. Jeang explains, “It’s not about winning every case; it’s about striving for that inner sense of peace and accomplishment.”
Additionally, Ms. Jeang comments on the value of having a work-life balance and how she’s implemented this into the culture of her firm.

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Evie Jeang Authors Article in Daily Journal Discussing California Paid Family Leave Reform

Managing Partner Evie Jeang authored the article, “Family Leave and Work-life Balance” published in Daily Journal discussing the pros and cons of the proposed Senate Bill 761, which would amend the 2004 California Paid Family Leave Act (PFL). PFL provides up to six weeks of partial pay for employees who take leave from work to care for a child, parent, spouse or registered domestic partner with a serious health condition. Unfortunately, many employees don’t take advantage of PFL. Ms. Jeang comments, “A recent, respected study found that nearly 37 percent of workers who needed leave and were aware of PFL nonetheless said they did not apply for benefits due to fear of employer retaliation.”

In reaction to this issue, SB 761 will protect employees from employer retaliation and loss of employment. Proponents of the bill argue PFL has not been used to its full advantage and employees will utilize SB 761 without fear of termination or discrimination. Alternatively, the argument against passing SB 761 is that employees will take advantage of the system.
In the end, the passing of SB 761 will hopefully benefit low-wage employees.

Evie Jeang Analyzes DOMA Section 3 Repeal and Its Effects on Immigration Law in LexisNexis Corporate Counsel Advisory

Managing Partner Evie Jeang authored the article, “The Supreme Court Repeal of DOMA Section 3 and Its Effect on Immigration Law,” published by LexisNexis Corporate Counsel Advisory, discussing how the repeal will effect same-sex couples applying for a visa. The current Presidential administration’s goal to make federal benefits available to same-sex legally married couples will ultimately cause an increase of permanent residency applications.
Ms. Jeang explains that conservatives agree the new DOMA Section 3 ruling should have no influence on immigration. In contrast, notable conservatives believe the ruling of Adams v. Howerton, which deems that a non-citizen spouse of a same-sex couple automatically be excluded from obtaining permanent resident status, should be upheld.
“The fact that DOMA has now been found to be unconstitutional does not lessen Congress’ power, it just levels the playing field in which all marriages are now examined equally concerning potential permanent residency status,” said Ms. Jeang. Meaning, regardless of whether its opposite-sex couple or same-sex couple, the same federal immigration benefits should apply in regard to visa petitions.
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Evie Jeang Authors Blog on Prenuptial Agreements for WeddingBros.com

Ideal Legal Group’s Evie Jeang authored the blog, “Oh Snap – Time to Talk About the Prenup” published by WeddingBros.com discussing the steps engaged couples should take to make the prenup conversation easier than it sounds. “Bring up the subject of a prenuptial agreement, and explain how it could be just as protective for her as for you,” explains Ms. Jeang. “Once the two of you have agreed, each of you should interview separate attorneys to find someone who you are comfortable with.”

Additionally, Ms. Jeang suggests compiling a list of assets, property or liability you would like to carry on your own, and to give that list to your attorney to draft an agreement. Most importantly, she notes that in California, the prenuptial agreement must be reviewed and signed at least seven days prior to the date of the wedding.
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Evie Jeang Discusses Changes Employers Should Address Post-DOMA in Human Resources Executive

Managing Partner Evie Jeang was quoted in the article, “Post-DOMA Confusion Begins to Clear” published by Human Resource Executive discussing what the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in upending Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) means for Human Resources (HR) and benefits professionals. Ms. Jeang commented, “The most important impact for employers to focus on would be the changes in insurance, health benefits and taxes for spouses in a same-sex marriage.” She explains HR must be clear in communicating changes in employee contracts and what is currently included, since the DOMA repeal now opens the definition of “spouse” to include same-sex spouses.
Additionally, Ms. Jeang emphasizes that employers need to understand the state’s policies on same-sex marriage where their employees reside. She comments, “If the state recognizes same-sex marriage, then the employer must understand that claims for any benefits normally granted to the spouse over the family can be generated by the same-sex spouse.”
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Evie Jeang Discusses Personal Success & Immigration Reform in Law360 Q&A

Managing Partner Evie Jeang was recently featured in a Law360 Q&A sharing her personal experiences as an attorney, as well as her thoughts on the need for immigration law reform. Ms. Jeang details some of her most successful settlements, as well as important lessons she has learned early on in her career. Furthermore, Ms. Jeang comments on aspects within her practice area in need of reform, citing the absence of accessible information for illegal immigrants to help resolve workers’ compensation injury cases.
“In many workers’ compensation injury cases, the injured party is an undocumented worker who is reluctant or fearful to file a dispute against their employer. They are unaware that the law allows you to collect workers’ compensation whether you are a U.S. citizen or an illegal alien,” said Ms. Jeang.
In addition, Ms. Jeang views the U.S. Visa Program as an area of great opportunity for innovation and economic recovery. “In order to innovate and remain competitive in the international market, the U.S. has to be able to bring in the best workers.”
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Evie Jeang Featured in Article, “She’s Both a Warrior and Nurturer” Published by American Business Women’s Association

Evie Jeang was featured in the article, “She’s Both a Warrior and Nurturer,” published by the American Business Women’s Association sharing her journey on opening and being a managing partner of Ideal Legal Group, Inc. The article describes Ms. Jeang both as a tenacious warrior for her clients and a nurturing mentor to her associates.
“I have learned from my associates,” says Ms. Jeang. “As a result, they have become more patient with me and that has brought out the nurturing side of me.”
Since its inception in 2004, Ideal Legal Group has grown to five attorneys practicing in California and New York. The firm has become a champion for immigrant-owned businesses in California, helping them navigate the legal challenges of doing business in the U.S.
“We help small businesses to survive in the United States,” says Ms. Jeang. “We help them grow and they help us grow.”
Ms. Jeang concludes with the most significant lesson she has learned so far in her successful career. “Do something you love and you will be fine. I really believe that. Always be humble and appreciate the people who helped you get where you are.”
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Manager Partner Evie Jeang Analyzes the Current State of Immigration Policy Reform for CNBC.com

Managing Partner Evie Jeang was quoted in the CNBC.com article, “Immigration Reform: Why it Might Not Happen,” discussing the political climate in Washington surrounding immigration reform and the prospect of legitimate reform coming this year. There have been a multitude of concerns expressed by policymakers about the latest immigration bill, including border protection measures and the burden of affordable health care for 11 million undocumented immigrants.
“A lot of this can be explained as negotiations and playing politics,” Ms. Jeang explains. “Much of the GOP supports reform to broaden their political base with immigrants, but at the same time this posturing is to appease conservatives.”
Politicians are not alone however, as the leaders of unions representing workers at the Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services said in a letter sent to lawmakers last month that the Senate measure is too weak on securing the borders. While a compromise seems farfetched in the face of such fundamental and sizeable disagreements, Ms. Jeang remains optimistic.
“The immigration debate is alive and well, and while it’s a polarizing issue, there’s more common ground between the two sides than ever before.”
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Managing Partner Evie Jeang Addresses Workplace Diversity in Diversity Journal

Managing Partner Evie Jeang was featured in Diversity Journal’s “Thoughtleader” section addressing the need for legitimate immigration reform in the U.S., as well as how Ideal Legal Group, Inc. is contributing to diversity in the workplace. Ms. Jeang cites a simplified path to green cards for skilled, educated immigrants as a means to improve an overwhelmed immigration system and unstable economy.

“I regularly represent illegal immigrants seeking to gain U.S. citizenship and know first-hand the complexities and contradictions of immigration laws,” said Ms. Jeang. “I find that many of my clients are less afraid of being deported and more willing to take ownership of their citizenship through the proper legal channels.”

Ms. Jeang further discusses her firm’s commitment to diversity, listing the firm’s pool of multilingual attorneys, as well as its philanthropic work in the Asian and Latino community as examples of their continued effort to changing the status quo.
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Ideal Legal Group Founder Evie Jeang Selected for Inclusion on 2013 Daily Journal “Top Women Lawyers”

Evie P. Jeang, managing partner of Ideal Legal Group, Inc., has been recognized on the list of Daily Journal’s 2013 “Top Women Lawyers” for her work in international divorce and family law. “The absence of any international family law in the United States poses considerable challenges for attorneys working in this area,” says Ms. Jeang. Keeping up-to-date with proper protocol and etiquette are among those challenges attorneys in this field have. She comments, “It’s like playing a chess game, trying to figure out what rules apply best for my client.”

Founded in 2006 in Los Angeles, Ideal Legal Group has expanded their practice with offices in New York and San Francisco. The firm specializes in labor and employment, immigration, workers compensation and family law.

Ideal Legal Group Featured in Community Newspaper Around Alhambra

Ideal Legal Group, Inc. was featured in the article, “Ideal Legal Group May Have Ideal Solution,” published in Around Alhambra detailing the local law firm’s practice areas and track record of positive community involvement. “Our experience, energy, and creative solutions pursue the results clients want while offering free initial consultations and competitive, yet fair rates,” said Managing Partner Evie Jeang. “As a result, our firm has a reputation for aggressive yet compassionate advocacy.”

An active member in the San Gabriel Valley community and serving on the board of directors for the Alhambra Educational Foundation since 2010, Ms. Jeang remains committed to advocating for the community she serves. She is also on the Asian Pacific Islander Alumni Board for the University of California, Los Angeles and the Asian Youth Center.
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Managing Partner Evie Jeang Discusses EB-5 Visas with Mint Press News

Managing Partner Evie Jeang was recently quoted in the article, “For the Wealthy, The Path To U.S. Citizenship Has Shortcuts,” published in Mint Press News discussing the ways immigrants can obtain U.S. citizenship through the EB-5 visa program. The EB-5 program grants preferential access to green cards for foreigners who invest at least $1 million in the U.S. and create at least 10 jobs for U.S. workers. In 2011, the number of EB-5 applicants quadrupled to more than 3,800.
“In making a material contribution to the well-being of Americans, the investor has the right to be an American,” said Ms. Jeang. “However, this opportunity should be made available to anyone who can offer to the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services a valid business plan and documented means to finance it.”
Ms. Jeang regularly represents business owners and entrepreneurs looking to enter the U.S. market.
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Managing Partner Evie Jeang Authors Article on Transnational Business Law in Daily Journal

Managing Partner Evie Jeang authored the article, “Chinese companies face hurdles in the US,” published in the Daily Journal discussing the legal and cultural nuances that can spell trouble for Chinese companies doing business in the U.S. The article outlines some of the most common pitfalls, from contract law to the protection of intellectual property. Ms. Jeang suggests that before investing in a U.S. company or opening a business in America, Chinese executives need to plan on how to handle these probable legal conflicts, including contract negotiations, U.S. labor laws and workers’ comp lawsuits.

Similarly, Ms. Jeang considers the various types of business entities a particular company may establish, and how this can affect personal liability, as well as the different laws and regulations a business may be subject to. Ultimately, Ms. Jeang recommends that Chinese companies seek out law firms with transnational experience and that are fully versed in local laws.
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Managing Partner Evie Jeang Discusses Immigration Reform with International Business Times

Managing Partner Evie Jeang was quoted in the article, “Immigration Reform Bill Suddenly Close: What Made Republicans Change Their Minds?” published in International Business Times. The article examined the hot-button issues of the current immigration debate, including worker visas, a path to citizenship and the economy. Ms. Jeang, who supports increasing visas for highly skilled workers, discussed the economic advantages of allowing educated immigrants into the U.S. to set up small businesses that could benefit the economy.

“There is always this misconception that immigrants are stealing jobs and that’s contributing to unemployment,” she said. “But if you look at the statistics, immigrants are creating jobs and creating economic opportunity.”
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Managing Partner Evie Jeang Featured in National Law Journal

Managing Partner Evie Jeang was featured in the article, “Attorney Schools Chinese-owned Businesses on U.S. Labor Norms,” published in the National Law Journal. The article examines the growing number of lawsuits filed against companies owned by Chinese immigrants, including violations of California labor laws, workers’ comp regulations and contract law. Ms. Jeang draws on her experience working with companies in both China and the U.S. to illustrate the differences in each country’s business culture, as well as the legal discrepancies that contribute to the majority of labor and employment violations in the U.S.

Ms. Jeang discusses why Ideal Legal Group, Inc. is the right fit for immigrant business owners, boasting a team of multilingual attorneys with expertise in employment and labor law. Ms. Jeang comments, “Education is very important, and that’s the reason we [provide] seminars. More and more people are doing business here and if they understand the labor system, they will protect more workers.”
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Managing Partner Evie Jeang Featured in Forbes

Managing Partner Evie Jeang was featured in the Forbes article, “Seven Dos and Don’ts For Chinese Investors in the US,” discussing the myriad of pitfalls that await Chinese companies looking to tap the U.S. marketplace, including cultural, linguistic and legal obstacles. Ms. Jeang drew on cases she has worked on personally to illustrate common scenarios that can mean trouble for Chinese investors and business owners, including how Chinese and U.S. labor laws differ, how U.S. tax law can adversely affect foreign businesses, and discrepancies about the discovery process and the issue of personal liability.
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Managing Partner Evie Jeang Interviewed by the Entrepreneurial Guru

Managing Partner Evie Jeang was interviewed by the Entrepreneurial Guru discussing her achievements as an attorney and the obstacles she has overcome as a female entrepreneur starting her own business. Ms. Jeang shared how her parents’ divorce and international background served as an inspiration for her successful family law practice.
Ms. Jeang reflected on her career, beginning as a defense attorney for child support services. Although she did not earn a large salary, she cherished the opportunity to be in the courtroom. Eventually, Ms. Jeang was recruited by a private firm and began working long hours for much better pay, but felt as though the big firm experience took away from why she pursued law in the first place: to engage and help families.
“I find it very interesting because in family law [you’re] actually being someone’s counselor and therapist or friend when they are going through the hardest time of their life.”
In 2006 with “nothing to lose,” Ms. Jeang founded Ideal Legal Group with a commitment to establish genuine relationships with her clients. Similarly, Ms. Jeang wanted to innovate the traditional structure in place at most firms by creating a team-mentality around her business, hiring employees and associates that compliment her weaknesses rather than overshadow them.
“I know what I’m good at and not good at. If I know someone has a talent, I respect their opinion and listen to what they have to say. ”
Since then, Ideal Legal Group has expanded across the country with offices in San Francisco and New York, but despite her great success, Ms. Jeang still finds the time to make phone calls, take meetings and stay within arm’s reach of her clients. As her firm has grown to include more practices, Ms. Jeang continues to apply the same ideals of community and inclusiveness that govern her family law practice into Ideal Legal Group’s employment and labor law divisions.
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Managing Partner Evie Jeang Interviewed by Family Wealth Report on International Divorce

Managing Partner Evie Jeang was interviewed in the Family Wealth Report article, “The Rise of Transnational Marriages (And Divorces) Set to Continue,” discussing how global travel, the growth of multinational corporations and the proliferation of social media have contributed to the growing number of transnational marriages and divorces. Particularly at issue are the links between the US and China – arguably now the joint epicenters of the global economy.

“Wealthy individuals are at the forefront of this, tending to own properties in many countries and wanting to give their children the best education,” says Ms. Jeang. While some people might struggle with such social tightrope walking, Ms. Jeang says it’s part of what keeps her interest in her job alive: “You meet new people, you learn about the culture”.

For wealth managers who have clients facing an international divorce, Ms. Jeang advises consulting with an attorney who knows the jurisdiction in question and to consider their client’s priorities, whether they be custodial or financial.
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Managing Partner Evie Jeang Featured in the National Law Journal Discussing International Divorce

Managing Partner Evie Jeang was featured in the article, “Divorce Lawyers Without Borders,” published in The National Law Journal, highlighting Ms. Jeang’s transnational upbringing and how her mother’s decision to leave Taiwan and move to Los Angeles prepared her for her practice as an international divorce attorney. International divorce is a complicated business that involves clashing cultures, inconsistent legal systems and scant guidance about which country’s laws control the case.

Most of Ms. Jeang’s cases echo a similar story – the wife moves to the U.S. so children can attend school while the husband remains in their native country where he may have a job or own property. In such instances, jurisdiction, the location of assets and the application of foreign statutes all play a major role in building a case. While a great deal of uncertainty remains in international divorce law, Ms. Jeang finds that her practice keeps her engaged and encourages her to be creative, “It’s like playing a chess game”.

Most importantly, Ms. Jeang finds her work to be extremely rewarding – whether it’s reuniting children with parents or obtaining financial support for clients who have been cut out of their spouse’s lives.
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Managing Partner Evie Jeang Authors Article on Transnational Divorce in the Recorder

Managing Partner Evie Jeang authored an article, “Transnational Divorce,” published in the Recorder discussing the opportunity and risk for attorneys taking on international divorce cases where there are little existing laws to reference. Ms. Jeang writes, “Although this is a quickly expanding field, the ‘Wild West’ frontier lawlessness makes negotiating the waters potentially frustrating for attorneys who do not clearly consider the factors”.

Issues that can arise include where to file for divorce, how to divide land and assets if they are located in different countries, child custody if children are involved and the possibility that a divorce granted in other countries may not be recognized by U.S. courts. There are also a myriad of cultural nuances and customs that can greatly skew attitudes toward divorce in respective countries.

The good news for attorneys in the U.S. is that there are no true specialists in international divorce law, only domestic lawyers who have international experience. Ms. Jeang advises that attorneys focus on one area of the world or country and find trustworthy local counsel to familiarize themselves with the quirks of the legal system.
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Managing Partner Evie Jeang Authors Article on International Divorce in Daily Journal

Managing Partner Evie Jeang authored the article, “International Divorces Rising,” published in the Daily Journal discussing the growing number of divorces between citizens of different countries. Ms. Jeang explained that transnational divorces comprise “an exciting new niche” for family attorneys to enterprise in a field lacking definitive laws. However, there is an array of obstacles that can make international divorce cases difficult to manage. “Handling the complexities of international divorce not only requires solving legal obstacles, such as arguing jurisdiction and obtaining evidence located in other countries, but also requires a keen understanding of other cultures, customs and values,” said Ms. Jeang.

Child custody is an explosive issue that further complicates an international divorce case when mitigating between countries with differing views of child support and non-custodial rights. Ms. Jeang advises that attorneys should be prepared to find quality peers in other countries, and to work with local counsel to best navigate the cultural and physical hurdles of an international divorce case.
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CNBC.com Turns to Evie Jeang for Insight on Immigration Reform

Managing Partner Evie Jeang was quoted in the CNBC.com article, “Why Immigration Reform May Happen This Year,” discussing the Obama administration’s major effort to push immigration reforms through Congress in 2013. The administration plans to expand the guest worker program to allow more foreign nationals to legally work in the US, specifically tech workers with math and science skills, in order to fill gaps in the US job market.

However, the proposal is not without opposition, as business groups such as the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), contend that immigrants are a drain on the economy and any reforms must deliver tougher laws limiting immigration.

“The myths are that immigrants steal jobs, commit more crimes, mooch off our health care and don’t pay taxes,” said Ms. Jeang. “The studies have shown that’s not true.” In fact, a recent study conducted by UCLA indicates that illegal immigrants produce a total of $150 billion in economic activity each year. Whether a reform bill includes deportation mandates, amnesty provisions or a broader guest worker program, expect a hard fight in Washington.
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Pasadena Magazine Selects Attorney Meisa Banh to 2012 “Top Attorney” List

Ideal Legal Group’s associate attorney, Meisa Banh, has been selected as a 2012 “Top Attorney” for the San Gabriel Valley by Pasadena magazine. With more than 1,000 candidates within the San Gabriel and Los Angeles metro areas, a pool of attorneys voted for peers they thought were the best in their chosen field.