Why We Need Prenup

Before heading down THAT ROAD, make sure to think about a prenuptial agreement. As difficult as a subject this is, alcohol may be your best opening move…

To be more serious, a prenup should be explained as benefiting both parties. As hard as it is to believe on the surface, by spelling out both parties’ liabilities and assets, everyone will be more protected in the unfortunate circumstance of a divorce. And you never know, she may be worth more than you!

If your cards were played correctly (nice job, Slick), the next steps to finalizing a prenuptial agreement involve choosing separate attorneys and compiling a list of assets, properties or liabilities that each would like to keep separate from community property if divorce happens.

This list should be given to the attorneys so the agreement can be drafted- always make sure to check that the wording is correct! And finally, the State of California requires a prenup be reviewed and signed at least 7 days prior to the date of the wedding, so don’t file this as a “Do Later” type of task.