Why American Surrogates Are in Demand for Chinese Families

Commercial surrogacy is banned in most of the world – including many U.S. states – and for a long time, infertile couples, singles, and homosexual couples only had a few options to turn to when it came to finding a international surrogate. India, Nepal, Thailand, and Mexico were a few countries where surrogacy services are a mere quarter of the average $100,000 to $200,000 price for surrogacy in the U.S. However, recently, these countries have started to enforce laws banning international surrogacy.

On the other hand, China – with the world’s largest population, a growing wealthy elite, and increasing infertility – has finally lifted its one-child policy, prompting a high Chinese demand for U.S. surrogacy services. It is particularly successful in California, one of the few U.S. states where commercial surrogacy is legal. This is because California is one of the most culturally friendly states, and home to skilled physicians and favorable state laws that regard IPs as a baby’s legal parents – even before birth, if the proper court documents are filed. The number of foreign clients in many commercial surrogacy organizations have drastically increased, but as demand for California surrogates goes up, so does the cost, and the price of California surrogates has nearly doubled as a result.

Chinese IPs also have different and more specific expectations than their American counterparts. While some IPs may like to keep in contact with their surrogate in order to experience the pregnancy vicariously through them, Chinese IPs want less contact with their surrogate. In addition, they tend to strongly prefer caucasian surrogates, who are not overweight, are married, eats organic food, and is in her early 30s or younger.

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