Domestic Violence During COVID-19

COVID-19 is a force that the world has never experienced before.  The pandemic has affected public health, work, schools, social settings, and family life, specifically in the case of marriages.  The feeling of the unknown combined with home confinement and increasing financial stress has pushed the tipping points for many marriages.

              In unfortunate situations where there is domestic violence in the home, COVID-19 may increase anxiety and tension between spouses.  Domestic violence during COVID-19 increases the risk for victims, as victims feel trapped inside the home with limited access to supplies and movement. While stay-at-home orders are put in place to protect people from the virus, the protective measure might be counterproductive for victims of domestic abuse.

              Domestic violence hotlines and law enforcement agencies have reported an increase in domestic violence-related calls, leaving the government to address a crisis that experts argue should have been foreseen.  So, the next question is, what can we do to protect the victims of domestic violence during the COVID-19 crisis?  Some countries and nongovernmental organizations have taken steps to help victims.  New campaigns have utilized social media to spread awareness of resources for victims, such as hotlines and mobile application-based reporting.  Going forward, it is important that states expand shelters, health services, women’s groups, and support economic security measures for victims of domestic violence.

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