Managing Partner Evie Jeang featured in Amazon’s #1 Best Seller Divorce 911

Managing Partner Evie Jeang featured in Amazon’s #1 Best Seller Divorce 911, a down-to-earth guide for navigating the challenges of going through a divorce. The book provides tips that will help you keep your life together from legal experts. Evie provides insight into both the legal and non-legal implications based on years of experience practicing family law. Ideal Legal Group and Divorce 911 is a resource to guide individuals going through the challenges that come with divorce, as well as preparing you for potential issues that you may not expect. Using this book as a guide along with the firm’s expert legal advice, Ideal Legal Group will navigate you through this difficult process.

Ideal Legal Group Wins Sole Custody for Canadian Woman in New York Court

Ideal Legal Group obtained sole custody for a Canadian woman fighting to keep her newborn child after deciding to permanently reside in New York while her ex-husband remained in Canada. Managing partner Evie Jeang overcame multiple challenges, including arguing jurisdiction, and was able to have the case heard in a New York court. She also uncovered hidden assets used to determine fair child support payments. Ms. Jeang was able to obtain sole custody on behalf of her client.

Ideal Legal Group Obtains Citizenship for International Couples

Managing partner Evie Jeang successfully achieved citizenship for a Chinese man and his Peruvian fiancé after the two met in the U.S. while on study visas.

Similarly, Ms. Jeang successfully obtained a K-1 visa for a Swedish medical student, allowing her to obtain a permanent resident card so that she could apply for medical scholarship and marry her American fiancé.